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My Sanskrit Journey

My mother Dr.Rupa, a Sanskrit scholar, retired professor and Head of The Department of Sanskrit, University of Mysore, trained me in Sanskrit from the very tender age of 3 and made it a point to speak to me only in Sanskrit.  In fact, I can say that I have received womb education since my mother was pursuing her PhD in Vedic studies when she was carrying me in her womb.

I pursued Engineering and worked as a Software Engineer for an year, but found my true calling in Sanskrit and hence...

I completed MA in Sanskrit from Karnataka State Open University with a First class Distinction.

My mother Dr.Rupa received an award from Honorable Governor of Karnataka for her book BaalakathaaH

I have been teaching Sanskrit from a very young age and have taught n number of people both Indians and foreigners, young and old. I also enjoyed my role as a Sanskrit teacher at Akshar centre for education, a Waldorf school in Chennai.

My Programs

Joy With Sanskrit

My program “Joy With Sanskrit”, where kids learn the language through lots of games, stories and activities was a huge hit among the kids.

My group online class for adults is enjoyed by all and is well appreciated.