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Listen to your inner voice

After I was born my parents asked our family ‘Vaadhyaar’ (priest) to write my horoscope. Shri Doraiswamy vaadhyaar was well versed in Sanskrit and astrology and more than that he was a very pure hearted man. He wrote my horoscope based on my time of birth and...

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Who is doing the favor?

Arya is a mischievous but a very intelligent 12 year old boy who used to come to me for Sanskrit tuition. He is extremely naughty and to make him sit down for studying was a big task initially. But I have never scolded him or threatened or forced him to study. I...

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अन्तरात्मनः वचनम् श्रोतव्यम्

मम जननानन्तरम् मम पितरौ अस्माकम् गृहस्य पुरोहितम् उक्त्वा मम जन्मकुण्डलिं कारितवन्तौ। अस्माकं कुलपुरोहितः श्री दोरैस्वामिवर्यः संस्कृतभाषायां निपुणः, ज्योतिष्यशास्त्रे पारङ्गतः, ततोऽप्यधिकम् शुद्धहृदयी च आसीत्। सः मम जन्मसमयस्य आधारेण मम कुण्डलिं लिखित्वा अवदत् " एषा...

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सूक्ष्माः संस्कृतशब्दाः

लघु कथा श्रेयायाः जीवने घटिता कथा, यदा सा षष्ठम्यां कक्षायां पठन्ती आसीत् तदा घटिता। इदानीं सा द्वादश्यां कक्षायां पठन्ती अस्ति। मम समीपे संस्कृतपाठार्थम् आगच्छति। यदा श्रेया षष्ठम्यां कक्षायां आसीत् तदा मंगलूरु नगरे एकस्मिन् विद्यालये पठन्ती आसीत्।

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Sensitive Sanskrit Sounds

This is a small anecdote that happened to my student Shreya when she was in 6th grade. Now she is in 12th standard and comes to me for Sanskrit tuition
. Shreya was studying in a school in Mangalore when she was in 6th standard. It was the ‘Sanskrit day’ celebration season. (Sanskrit day is celebrated every year on the full moon day of the Shravana month of
 Indian calendar.) So her Sanskrit teacher had asked a group of students to prepare some charts containing Sanskrit slogans like ‘’सत्यम् वद’, ’धर्मं चर’, ’मातृदेवो भव’, ’पितृदेवो भव’ etc.

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SILENT TIME – In a Waldorf School

In a Waldorf school everything starts with a silent time. Be it a story session or a birthday celebration or even a teachers' meeting. The school starts at 9.00 a.m but for teachers it starts at 8.50 a.m. Those 10 minutes are reserved for teacher's silent time. At...

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